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Hole #1

Par 4   White Tee - 324yds  Red Tee - 296yds


  • A straight away par 4 with a generous landing area.
  • Water hazard comes into play on the tee shot.
  • Fairway narrows to approximately 25 yards wide, and is heavily guarded by 80 foot fir trees on either side.
  • Approach shot is played to a green that slopes from right to left.


  • Keep the tee shot back in the fairway as the percentages drop off finding the fairway as you approach the green.
  • A shot of 180 yards from the white tee leaves approximately a 150-130 yard approach shot.
  • The premium is on accuracy, not length.
  • Try to keep the ball below the pin as the green slopes from back to front.

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Hole #2

Par 4  Slight Dog Leg Right -  White Tee - 324yds Red Tee - 258yds


  • Royal Oak Golf Club's signature hole.
  • Beautiful par 4, tree-lined with a Lateral Hazard down the entire left side.
  • Two tier fairway with a water hazard on the right lower tier.
  • Very quick, subtle green.


Option A

  • If you are hitting it well, "let the big dog eat!"
  • A drive of approximately 250 yards will leave a short iron into the hole.
  • Be careful as to which side of the hole you leave your approach shot as the green slopes from right to left and can leave a ticklish put if you are above the hole.

Option B

  • A mid iron will leave you on the top tier of the fairway and gives you a good look at the green.
  • The approach shot is approximately 150-130 yards in.

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Hole #3

Par 3   White Tee - 124yds  Red Tee - 104yds


  • The first of the par 3s.
  • Playing up to 140 yards this uphill over water hole is Royal Oak's most challenging par 3.
  • The green is narrow with a ridge bisecting the center of it.
  • A lateral hazard running the entire length of the left side and a steep bank on the right side of the green makes club selection of paramount importance.


  • It is better to be short of the pin rather than long as it can lead to a ticklish chip.

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Hole #4

Par 3   White Tee - 87yds  Red Tee - 75yds


  • Short par 3 to a sloped green with many tricky pin placements.
  • a definite birdie opportunity.


  • try to keep the ball below the hole as the green slopes from back to front.

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Hole #5

Par 3   White Tee -101yds  Red Tee - 74yds


  • Downhill par 3 to a very small green.
  • It is very difficult to keep the ball on the green as it slopes away from you.


  • Keep the ball short of the green as there is an out of bounds over the back.
  • Try to land the shot as softly as possible, i.e. high with lots of back spin.
  • Although quite short, 3 is a good score on this tricky hole.

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Hole #6

Par 3   White Tee - 106yds  Red Tee - 91yds


  • downhill shot that is deceptive to the eye in length.
  • be careful not to overshoot as there is an out of bounds over the back of the green.
  • A small pot bunker and water hazard guard this green.


  • The middle of the green is the best shot as this will set up the best birdie opportunity.

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Hole #7

Par 4   Dog Leg Left   White Tee - 287yds  Red Tee - 231yds


  • A beautiful par 4 which can be played in two different ways.

Option A

  • Safe route to a generous landing area- High percentage play.
  • A mid iron leaves wedge, 9 iron into the green.

Option B

  • Heroic option - Low percentage play.
  • hit driver over two water hazards and 50-60 foot oak trees by cutting the corner.
  • Try to hit the green in one shot.
  • You need to carry the ball 240-250 yards in the air and very high to clear the trees and hazards.
  • The green is narrow in depth, but wide from side to side, making club selection very important.

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Hole #8

Par 4   Slight Dog Leg Left   White Tee - 312yds  Red Tee - 234yds


  • A very difficult par 4 as the drive must be played perfectly
  • There is an elevated, narrow landing area guarded by red stake on the left and an out of bounds on the right
  • Green is heavily guarded by red stakes on the left, out of bounds on the right and over the back.


  • Aim the tee shot to go directly over the knoll situated in the center of the fairway.
  • A drive of no longer than 210 yards is perfect.
  • This leaves a short iron into the heavily defended green.
  • This is an easy hole to make a big number on as stray shots often end in penalty strokes.
  • 5 is a good score on this tricky par 4.

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Hole #9

Par 4   Straight Away   White Tee - 250yds  Red Tee - 192yds


  • This is another two option par 4.
  • Out of bounds down the left side with a water hazard directly in front of the green and a grass bunker behind the green.

Option A

  • High Percentage Play.
  • Short to mid iron to landing area and then a short iron onto green.

Option B

  • Heroic Play.
  • A drive of approximately 230 yards to carry the water hazard.
  • This hole has a small green which is hard to hold with your driver.
  • If you take the risk and execute this shot the reward is great with a possible eagle or at least a birdie.

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